About Us

The Spanish Association for Energy Economics (AEEE) is a non-profit organization funded in Vigo, Spain, the 29th of April 2004 by several people from different scientific fields who are related with Energy Economics. It was legally registered in the National Associations Registry as a national association and it is recognized for tax purposes as a “non-profit organization” and as an “autonomous social organization”.

The Association has three types of memberships: individual, institutional and sponsors. The fees include the affiliation to the International Association for Energy Economics and consequently an annual subscription to the IAEE publications. If you want to join the AEEE, you can do so online here. If you would like to become an institutional member or a sponsor, please contact us by e-mail: aeee@aeee.es.
The Association is managed by a Directive Board, elected for periods of four years.

Main data of the AEEE:
Spanish Association for Energy Economics.
Tax-Payer number: G36937779. National Associations Registry number: 172697, 1st Group, 1st Section
Post Office Box 25035.
28080 Madrid, Spain.
E-mail: aeee@aeee.es


Directive Board