The Rectorate of the UDC has its headquarters in the building known as A Maestranza since 1989. The architectural complex was the Artillery Park of the city.

Coordenades GPS: 43° 22' 15.096'' N 8° 23' 24.5754'' W

Address: A Maestranza Street, 9. 15001 - A Coruña

A Coruña is an ocean of sensations that can only be enjoyed by those who come to the city. The waves of the Atlantic, the heartbeat of the streets, the exquisite and unsurpassable cuisine, the maritime taste of the city in itself ... A Coruña is made to live, touch, look, taste, enjoy, discover and feel. A Coruña is the destination for everyone who is searching for their way. The city is the perfect place for families and couples thanks to all the leisure events on offer.

With a population of 400,000 people in the metropolitan area, A Coruña is a city for services that centralises the social and economic activity of the north of Galicia. Its textile industry is one of the most thriving sectors in the north-west of Spain. A Coruña is home to fashion company Zara, and currently the headquarters of the Inditex group, which implies a significant boost for the city’s economy.

Travelling to A Coruña means having a date with the sea. The Promenade at over 13 kilometers is the longest in Europe and goes round the city via beaches, coves and cliffs that you can enjoy on foot. Over two kilometers of beaches right in the heart of the city let you enjoy sun and sport. The visual reward for those who decide to walk around this huge viewpoint over the Atlantic is enormous, as A Coruña boasts various beaches that lie all round the Promenade. The essential ones are Orzán, ideal for surfing, and Riazor, both in the city centre.  

Even though the sea is essential, A Coruña also has parks, gardens and squares that are real jewels to just sit down in and enjoy. The Mirador de San Pedro with its panoramic lift is something you just can’t afford to miss if you want to see the little peninsula the city lies on from a privileged watchtower. The Old City, the name given to the historic quarter of A Coruña, is a special place to go back in history and evoke medieval times in its narrow streets and little squares. The Avenida de la Marina is a classic vision of the city with its balconies of glass and wood, a beautiful example of Galician architecture.

The Scientific Museums: Domus, Aquarium and Science Museum ( are the fundamental points for museum visits in A Coruña. All three are interactive and their motto is “Please do touch”.

The windowed balconies are a mirror for the daylight from dawn to dusk, and have led to the city’s being called the Glass City. Opposite the Marina is another traditional image – the harbour where old fishing boats are moored.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Marina is the Old City, a fundamental visit in A Coruña. Walking through its streets takes us back in history to the varied rhythms of a Medieval and Baroque city’s heartbeat. From elevated places like the romantic gardens of San Carlos the views over the port and bay are truly magnificent. Antique shops coexist in the Old City with charming taverns and restaurants.

The Tower of Hercules, a world heritage site since 2009, is the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world and the only one still working  ( It was built towards the end of the first century AD and the beginning of the second to guide ships on their way to the British Isles in search of tin, iron and copper. The Tower has always been a reference point for sailors.

Visiting A Coruña is a date with Galician cuisine. The offer in the city is immense. Seafood, meat and fish; local cheese and wine; exquisite products for all budgets. The Plazas de Abastos  (Mercado de San Agustín,  Plaza de Lugo) are an inevitable visit where the sea’s products make up an incomparable show.

The streets known as Wine Streets are the best way of trying the city’s essence. The streets near the Plaza de María Pita (Barrera, Troncoso, Franja, Olmos, Estrella, Galera) are full of traditional taverns and bars, where you can try the most representative and delicious Galician cuisine. Wandering around these streets is a good way of soaking up the atmosphere, eating and drinking at very affordable prices

For those who prefer a table and tablecloth to taverns and bars, A Coruña boasts exquisite restaurants with Michelin stars. The best raw materials make dishes to delight the most demanding palates.

There are plenty of shops in A Coruña, from the more traditional handicraft stores to the most modern and sophisticated - Plaza de Lugo, Juan Flórez, Soho …

The Calle Real is one of the most emblematic shopping areas, where you can find all kinds of souvenirs and fashion stores. The perfect excuse not just to shop but also to have a look and see what they have. The Old City is the ideal place for antique lovers. If you prefer more practical shopping, you can go to the modern shopping centres with all the main brands. The city also boasts specialised stores with the major international brands - shopping in A Coruña is a great way of enjoying a wonderful day out.

If cultural activity in the city never stops, summer in A Coruña is a real gala. Midsummer Night on 23 June is the starting signal for the summer programme, characterised by frenetic activity in the months of July and August. The Midsummer Night bonfires, an event declared of International Tourism Interest, is one of the city’s most traditional and magical events. The beaches are filled with hundreds of bonfires and thousands of people. The María Pita events in August, in addition to concerts all over the city – with festivals on the beach – include a multitude of alternatives. In the summer months, the Medieval Market, the Book Fair, the Art Fair, The Noroeste Pop Rock Festival, the Comic Festival and the Handicraft Fair are just some of the main events – although the major attraction in the summer is possibly the atmosphere in every street in the city.